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Synthesist / Sound & Video Designer / Birdwatcher

John Gasper is an Obie Award-winning sound designer and has performed and made sounds in the New York theater scene for more than a decade. Notable shows include Wet Brain (by John J. Caswell Jr., directed by Dustin Wills, sound co-design with Tei Blow; Obie Award, Lucille Lortel Award nomination), Advanced Beginner Group's I Understand Everything Better (Bessie Award for Outstanding Production), I thought I would die but I didn't (by Bailey Williams, directed by Sarah Blush), Elevator Repair Service's Seagull, Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble's The Art of Luv Part 5 & 6, Saint Fortune's One Small Step, and New Saloon's Cute Activist.
His music for theater is available via Kapha Selections.


realjohngasper [at]

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